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Contact Information

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Welcome to the Matrimonial and Family Practice of Maynard, O’Connor, Smith & Catalinotto, LLP

The breakup of a marriage is one of the more difficult experiences in life. Apart from the emotional challenges, there are financial and family dilemmas as well. You will need an attorney that will be your ally, that will strategically and constructively plan and execute the resolution of these challenges. Learn more about the experienced matrimonial attorneys at Maynard, O’Connor Smith and Catalinotto by viewing our video.


At Maynard, O’Connor, we start with an initial client consultation focusing on clients’ needs, concerns, and a resolution strategy. Our lead matrimonial attorney, Ed Tobin, is a well-known courtroom litigator, tenaciously representing clients since 1989, regularly trying multimillion-dollar cases in the courtroom. The firm, one of the oldest in the Capital District, founded in 1919, enjoys a solid reputation with courts and the legal system. These qualities set us apart from other law firms and matrimonial attorneys as far as a reputation for getting the job done, a reputation for zealous representation and seeing to it that our clients’ interests are soundly addressed.

The challenges of matrimonial practice are also addressed with capable negotiation. Ed Tobin has a reputation as being a skillful negotiator for his clients, often employing a “thinking outside the box” mentality, bringing novel or constructive approaches to settlement, being able to bring the parties together while not compromising the goals and objectives of his clients. An attorney that pays attention to his clients’ needs, focuses on details, with creative resolution strategies, can effectively push forward with an advantageous position for the client, often securing an early resolution.

At Maynard, O’Connor, we pride ourselves in moving our clients’ interests along quickly, expeditiously and cost-effectively. Our matrimonial practice uses a team in this regard. Catherine Slusarz is a matrimonial practice paralegal, well-schooled in matrimonial matters, having worked with attorneys and clients since 2000. She aides in the preparation and filing of legal documents, regularly communicating with the courts, attorneys and clients keeping the matter moving along in the court system. Cathy is a member of the Capital District Paralegal Association and keeps up-to-date on matrimonial/family law issues through continuing legal education classes. A paralegal, such as Cathy, can do much of the matrimonial groundwork in a cost-effective manner.

Our matrimonial practice understands that you need a team who can recognize your needs and goals, devise a realistic game plan, and get you there in an expeditious and cost-effective manner, so that you can get through a very difficult time in your life and move on. We care about our clients. That is why we enjoy a reputation for success.

News and Updates


Changes in tax deductions for maintenance coming January 1, 2019

March 3, 2018. Changes in tax deductions for maintenance (alimony): starting January 1, 2019, maintenance payments are no longer tax deductible.  Traditionally, the spouse paying alimony to the other former spouse was allowed to deduct that from his or her tax return.  If your divorce or separation agreement predates January 1, 2019, and provides for […]

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In a decision dated March 27, 2015, a Manhattan Supreme Court Judge allowed the plaintiff permission to serve the defendant with a divorce summons through Facebook.  The extraordinary remedy was fashioned when the plaintiff represented to the Court the failure of private detectives and various other efforts to find the defendant so as to effectuate […]

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In tough economic times, we are seeing more divorce cases not about the distribution of assets but, rather, about who’s going to be responsible for various debts.  Just as assets are joint marital property, so are the debts encountered during the marriage – not necessarily a function of who incurred the debt as much as […]

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